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Biostimulants, incorporation into seed coating

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There is an ever-increasing array of biostimulants available for plants, some of most promising are those that can be seed applied. This is because they are immediately available at the germination stage and the benefits from a good head start can assist the plant through stress, improve water-use, nutrient uptake, and can even influence final yields and crop quality.


Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria have a living solution to most plant needs, as they colonise certain parts of the plant, they also provide benefits through the entire life cycle of the plant. Indeed, because they are living organisms they can adapt to a myriad of different conditions and still provide a symbiotic relationship with the plant to improve outcomes for both organisms.


Activate Ag Labs has facilities to test the incorporation, applications, and longevity of products on the seed.

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Micro-nutrients, amino acids, humic and fulvic acids, and a plethora of plant extracts can be included with especially adapted polymer formulations. The secret is matching those that match the crop, the planting situation, and complimentary mixes. Benefits can be provided for crops going into marginal, or unbalanced, soils. Also, improvements in the plants ability to withstand various stress.

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