Improve the processing and quality of your treated seed.

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Being a leading developer of seed coating formulations, our way to contribute to the success of your organisation is to improve the processing and quality of your seed, treated for planting. Whilst the look is the most obvious improvement, there are additional properties that will bring benefits for both seed treater and growers.

We are looking forward to working in partnership together.

Collaborations are a key factor in bringing those benefits into the market. We offer straightforward contract research services, licensing of formulations already developed and a pathway to join in a combined research and development effort.



Whether you want to benchmark one product against another, or just look at how well your product is performing in one particular area we can conduct a wide arrange of tests on seed coating materials to give you the answer from our range of services.

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Interested more in obtaining product than building IP?

Utilise our existing formulation portfolio, or set out a specification for your seed coating material needs.

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See a synergistic approach to solve a problem, want to combine strengths, and innovate together? Benefit from the time saving, and resource expenditure, by pulling from our unique R&D team and your existing pool.

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