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So much more than seed treatment testing solutions.

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Yes, we can test your current treatment, sure, we can carry out benchmark comparisons, check seed safety and a whole host of other items. We can go so much further. As one of the very few laboratories dedicated to seed coating materials R&D, we work in all the areas described below;


Binders, Filmcoating, Pelleting, Analytical Services in which we are able to select materials based on your requirements and geographical location if desired.


While consideration of the wet and dry strength of your seed pellets are some of the obvious considerations, are you also addressing how the pellet will break down once planted in the field?


How well the gases transition through the pellet as the germination process begins.

And whether the speed of germination may be affected?

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Fully formulated polymers with colour, effects and functionality, including dust control, flow improvement, abrasion resistance, better plantability, reduced build up.

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Pelleting of seed is perhaps still one of the areas within seed coating where there is a level of skill and mastery that is obtained over time.


We understand intimately the applications process and desired outcomes, and can even consult, advise or train your staff.

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Beyond basic germination, understand the vigour or changes in coated seed behaviour, or microbial application success.

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