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Specialist, independent testing services.

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Want an assessment of your coated seed, your seed coating, or your formulations? We are happy to work with you to assist with QC, product improvements and troubleshooting.


There are many aspects of seed coatings to consider, selecting the right product involves understanding the impact, on the outcome you want to achieve, and the implications of additional factors. For example, a coating that works well in tropical climates might not give the same performance if applied in winter conditions in more temperate zones. We have a wide array of possible tests and can help direct you to the most suitable tests for your situation.

We have a wide array of possible tests and can help direct you to the most suitable tests for your situation.


With trained staff and a highly equipped lab, we ensure that our services meet the highest standard for you to have confidence in your results.


See below for some of our services we provide and reach out to us.


Dust off tests, Abrasion Tests, Coverage Analysis, Seed Flowability, Plantability, Microbial Counts, Colour Hue, Colour Strength, Spectrophotometry, Pigment Grind, Viscosity, Contamination, pH, Density, Solid Content, Moisture Content. Chances are if there is a physical measurement related to your seed treatment that you would like to know about, we can assist you in obtaining that data.

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With formulations it can be something as simple as improving colour strength, to more complex stability issues, of problems with abrasion of seed coat during storage. Chances are we've seen it before and can save you time and money trying to resolve these kinds of issues.

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Seed vigour testing on a seed-by-seed basis to see the spread throughout a seed lot. Chlorophyll measurements between seed lots to help determine seed maturity and storage potentials.

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Stability of products before, during and after coating are all important and can be affected by temperature, viscosity, pH and salts. Want to gain a better understanding, to resolve potential problems or ensure the problem never arises then we can assess these scenarios on your behalf.

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Registration issues and product sourcing. Need to understand the implication of the US EPA 40CFR180, or the listing in various countries, want a better idea of why APEO's are best avoided, or how colony forming units relate to different outcomes.

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