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Certified Microplastic-Free Seed Coatings Released

With the new regulations for microplastic-free seed coatings in Europe coming into effect October 2028 now is the time to switch out your old synthetic, petrochemical based coatings for a more sustainable offering.

Seedworx Dayspring and Seedworx Hort BSA will get you through this transition without causing any concern over the legitimacy of the microplastic-free claims. These products have been independently verified by flustix, so you don't just have to take our word for it.

Seedworx Dayspring works well on large seed crops, so is particularly suitable for row crops, for the horticultural market we have Seedworx Hort BSA for the smaller seeded crops.

These products maintain the same high standards of quality and effectiveness that our customers expect. They meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring that seeds are safely and effectively coated without compromising performance. By transitioning to microplastic-free solutions, we are not only ahead of regulatory changes but also setting a benchmark for the industry.

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