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Testing Services

Within our extensive suite of testing services, we offer a wide range of options, some of which are highlighted here. However, our capabilities extend far beyond what is presented. If you have a specific need for evaluating any type of seed coating property, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our dedicated team is ready to provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring your requirements are met with precision and excellence.


Flowability Testing

We employ the FlowTek flowability tester for laboratory-scale seed flow testing, replacing traditional methods involving funnels and stopwatches. Developed by the innovative team at Activate Ag Labs, this equipment and methodology ensure precise and reliable results, eliminating the ambiguity and inaccuracies associated with older approaches. Our service offers access to this technology, guaranteeing accurate and repeatable assessments for your seed flow requirements.


Dust-Off testing (Heubach)

The Heubach dust meter is globally renowned for its precision in measuring dust from film-coated seeds, with its results being utilized for regulation purposes in Europe. At Activate Ag Labs, we conduct both standard and extended tests using this equipment, pushing products to their limits to uncover their full potential. While pelleted products may not necessitate this testing, it still offers valuable insights into product performance.


Abrasion resistance

Abrasion testing provides valuable insights into the durability of your coated seeds, offering an accurate assessment of their ability to withstand handling, dropping, rubbing, and general movement.


Plantability Testing

How effectively does seed navigate through planting machinery such as seed drills? At Activate Ag Labs, we meticulously record data for thousands of seeds, evaluating aspects such as singulation, skips, multis, and the Seed Release Index to ensure optimal performance.


Germination Stress Testing

Through our specialized germination testing services, we go beyond standard assessments to provide in-depth insights into seed viability and performance. We subject seeds to a range of stress conditions, including water stress and temperature extremes (both cold and hot). By simulating these challenging environments, we evaluate how seeds respond and adapt, shedding light on their resilience and suitability for real-world conditions. Additionally, our assessments can include thorough evaluations of seed vigour, offering valuable information on overall seed quality. 



Our services include microbial colony forming unit (CFU) counts, a vital tool for evaluating the survival and efficacy of applications during the coating process and storage. We analyze microbial populations providing valuable insights into their resilience and longevity. Our flexible approach accommodates a wide range of microbial and crop types.

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Please use the contact page to request more information if you are interested in any of services, or have questions you wish to ask.

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